When speed becomes art

Only with a unique look you can shine between the crowd

Miquel Liso is a restless guy who is extremely critical of his work. After thousands of days of work he realized that his photos, being good, were comparable to those of other professionals of great prestige. I needed to take a step forward to differentiate.

“At first I experimented unconsciously in the races, I played, I looked for things I had not seen before. There are very good people doing very similar things and the only way to stand out is to do something truly different, differentiating, something that makes you unique”.

Miquel bet strong. Instead of looking for photos to get commercial results guaranteed with ultra-high-quality images, he began to lower the shutter speed with the idea of ​​creating something atypical. It would be the movements of his camera, which would act as a brush on a blank canvas. The result is an exceptional work where it is impossible to have two identical photos in a personal and inimitable style.

“The satisfaction comes for working next to 500 photographers and coming away with something different”.
David Burmett

Being diferent its a source of inspiration

“More than a challenge was a personal need, I had to create different images, I was a little tired of always seeing similar things. Although I had already experimented with some idea, I discovered the work of Ernst Haas, really the precursor of this type of photography at low speed. Like him, I'm pursuing a personal project. I wanted my photos to be better, to differentiate myself, to create”.

Slow speed in racing

“I provoke long exhibitions, so that the photos have a lot of strength, movement, life; that acquire an extra value”.

“It's a game of colors and shapes that mix. Sometimes I play with the reflections, the textures, the movement, and then these things come out. Its magic. A different way to portray Formula 1”.

Low speed and moved photos

“I apply a slow shutter speed so that the photos are moved and I also perform camera movements. It is as if the camera painted the photos. In five years I have shot more than a million and a half photos, in order to finally select the best two hundred”.

“Your first 10.000 photographs are your worst”.
Henri Cartier Bresson


Photographs taken


Photographs selected