Unless specifically stated otherwise, no personal data is requested or required from Users or a registration process is established by incorporating mandatory forms on the web (hereinafter the " Website").

In the event that personal data are requested, in such a way that the omission of any of them could lead to the impossibility of providing the requested services and / or attending to their requests, in compliance with the provisions of Law 15 / 1999, of December 13, Protection of Personal Data (hereinafter, "LOPD") and its development regulations, we inform you that:

The data you provide us during your registration on the Website, as well as those derived from the commercial relationship and / or provision of the services acquired through it, will be incorporated into a file duly registered in the General Register of the Spanish Agency. of Data Protection, responsibility of MLG PICTURES SL., with registered office at St. Angel Guimera, 28, Manresa, ZIP 08241, Barcelona and provided with VAT B66263708 (hereinafter "MLG PICTURES SL").

The purpose of the treatment is the provision of the services offered by MLG PICTURES S.L. on the Website, including the Customer Service, the attention to inquiries and requests for information, as well as the management of claims. 

In the event that MLG PICTURES S.L. request the User the possibility of having their data processed with the purpose of sending commercial information (including the electronic newsletter) about the activities and services developed by MLG PICTURES S.L. , as well as third companies with which MLG PICTURES S.L. maintain commercial agreements and offer their products and services through the Website, by mail, email, SMS, or any other electronic means of communication, as well as for their data to be processed to make segmentations and / or prepare profiles with the same promotional or advertising purpose, although adapted to your profile as a user of the services. MLG PICTURES S.L. will enable a box not pre-marked to the effect that the User grants their express consent.

At any time, the User may exercise the right of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, as well as revoke their consent for the commercial processing of their data. To do this, you can:

    • send a written communication to, MLG PICTURES S.L., St. Angel Guimera, 28, Manresa, ZIP 08241, Barcelona, ​​attaching a photocopy of your ID Card or official document proving your identity.

    • Send an email to indicating your Name, Surname, contact telephone number and a photocopy of your ID Card or official document proving your identity.

Finally, we inform you that MLG PICTURES SL will treat your data at all times in an absolutely confidential manner and keeping the mandatory duty of secrecy regarding them, in accordance with the provisions of the implementing regulations, adopting technical measures for this purpose and necessary organizational arrangements that guarantee the security of your data and avoid its alteration, loss, treatment or unauthorized access, taking into account the state of the technology, the nature of the stored data and the risks to which they are exposed. 

Text updated in May 2017.

It is advisable to make special mention of commercial communications by email or telephone (Short Message Service, SMS), which receive a specific regulation. In effect, Law 34/2002, of July 11, on Services of the Information and Electronic Commerce Companies (hereinafter, "LSSI"), establishes a regulation on the sending of communications by electronic means, which does not exempt of compliance with the LOPD, but simply comes to add new obligations to the File Manager. In advance, it is necessary to delimit the scope of the concept of commercial communication given by the legislator in Annex f) of the LSSI as "any form of communication aimed at the direct or indirect promotion of the image or the goods or services of a company, organization or person that carries out a commercial, industrial, craft or professional activity ". As an example, the referral of, for example, a newsletter, even if it is merely informative or informative, has for all purposes a "commercial" nature in accordance with the criteria set by the AEPD.

That said, we must specify that Article 21 of the LSSI prohibits the sending of advertising or promotional communications by electronic mail or other means of electronic communication equivalent that previously had not been requested or expressly authorized by the recipients of them. However, the above, the company can send this type of advertising to those who have previously purchased a product from MLG PICTURES S.L. (and there is a prior contractual relationship) to the extent that such commercial communications refer to products or services identical or similar to those initially acquired. On the other hand, article 22 of the LSSI establishes the lender's obligation to authorize, in general, simple and free procedures to revoke the consent given and to provide, by electronic means, information on said procedures.

Likewise, Article 21 of the LSSI establishes the obligation to enable the revocation of consent by the interested party, both initially and in each of the commercial communications that MLG PICTURES S.L. Send by email later. When the commercial communications had been sent by email, MLG PICTURES S.L. must include, in each one of them, a valid email address where the User can oppose the processing of their data for commercial or promotional purposes, being prohibited the sending of communications that do not include said address.

Regarding the information required on commercial communications, article 20 of the LSSI establishes that such communications "must be clearly identifiable as such and the individual or legal entity in whose name they are made must also be clearly identifiable". On the other hand, and in the case of communications made by electronic means, the inclusion, at the beginning of the message, of the word "advertising" or the abbreviation "publi" is additionally required.

It would be necessary that in the registration process each of the boxes ("opt-in") mentioned in the text be enabled, through which the clients are allowed to express their refusal to process their data for commercial purposes, as well as denying their consent for the transfer of your data to other entities of MLG PICTURES SL.

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What is a cookie?

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How are cookies administrated on the browser?

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Further information about Google Chrome.

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Further information about Mozilla Firefox.

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Further information about Internet Explorer 9.

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Updated May of 2017.